Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gary Rome Customer Testimonials

Gary, I would just like to let you know how very satisfied my wife and I have been on our recent purchases from Gary Rome Hyundai. I say purchases because, although not our original intention, we purchased 2 new cars from you in 2005. In March we purchased a Tucson for my wife and last month an XG350L for me. The Tucson purchase was our first experience at your dealership. Carroll Perez was our sales representative. My wife, who "hates car shopping", and I both found him to be a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable, patient, personable, open and honest. He did not fit my stereotype of a car salesman and I really appreciated that fact. A few days after we bought the Tucson we had to bring it in for its inspection sticker. Carroll greeted us as we drove in and made sure that everything was taken care of. Because the car would be tied up for a little while he got us a loaner so my wife and I could go out to breakfast. We felt very important to Gary Rome Hyundai. When my son needed a new vehicle last month, I sold him my car (a 2003 Sonata by the way!), bought his and came back to Gary Rome Hyundai. to look for a replacement vehicle for myself. I went straight to Carroll. With Hyundai's rebates and the very aggressive discounting Gary Rome Hyundai. gave me I was able to leave the proud owner of a new XG350L. My second experience was easily as good as my first. My son, who came with me this time, commented afterward that he found the whole experience to be much different, better than he had expected. We are now a 3 Hyundai family and love our vehicles. I recommend Hyundais and Gary Rome to anyone who will listen. Great cars and an honest, caring dealership. Thank you Gary, for creating an environment where the customer really does feel like he comes first. Sincerely, Cliff Howard Always remember to visit for latest deals available Gary Rome Hyundai , Hyundai Accessory Store and Hyundai Performance Auto Parts.

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