Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hyundai Achieves Certification To Automotive Management Standard

Hyundai Achieves Certification To Automotive Management Standard

Award Winning Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama Plant Adds Global Automotive Industry Certification To Its Already Impressive Resume

Montgomery, Ala., 02/21/2007 Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, LLC (HMMA) has achieved Certification to the International Automotive Task Force's (IATF) most rigid quality management standard, ISO/TS 16949, a set of Quality Management System requirements specific to the automotive industry. ISO/TS 16949 is the highest automotive operating standard in the world.

Hyundai's $1.1-billion assembly plant, which began production on May 20, 2005, is one of the most technologically-sophisticated automotive manufacturing facilities in the world.

J.D. Power and Associates ranked HMMA tenth out of 73 plants in North/South America in initial quality in 2006, after less than one full year of production. HMMA's 2800 team members produce the Hyundai Sonata sedan and Santa Fe crossover SUV.

"Before job one ever rolled off the assembly line, we committed ourselves to leading the industry in business management processes," said John Kalson, Director of Production, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama. "We believe that quality vehicles start with quality manufacturing, and we're proud to deliver both at HMMA."

HMMA initiated the evaluation process for ISO/TS 16949;2002 certification in the summer of 2004, shortly before the 2-million square-foot plant opened for business. The two-year process began with a performance evaluation of current HMMA systems versus TS 16949 requirements. Once the evaluation was complete, HMMA Team members and a consulting team from SAI Global refined the systems, satisfying the TS requirements but also ensuring total vehicle quality. Never being satisfied, HMMA members are continually looking for ways to improve work processes.

"We're very excited that Hyundai has taken this initiative to ensure the highest OEM manufacturing quality standards are met," said Rob Brayfield, President, of VCA North America, "Hyundai's commitment to continually improving quality and customer satisfaction will no doubt raise the bar for the industry."

Benefits of adopting the ISO/TS 16949 standard include improving quality of processes at the facility along with streamlining supply chains, both leading to a better overall product.

About HMMA

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, headquartered in Montgomery, Ala., is an independent manufacturing operation of Hyundai Motor Company, based in Seoul, Korea. HMMA currently produces the Sonata sedan and the next generation 2007 Santa Fe sport utility vehicle. At full capacity, HMMA will produce 300,000 vehicles annually. Hyundai cars and sport utility vehicles are distributed throughout the United States by Hyundai Motor America and are sold and serviced by more than 755 Hyundai dealerships.

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