Friday, April 06, 2007

Jaguar, Hyundai to offer HD Radio

Jaguar, Hyundai to offer HD Radio

Hyundai and Jaguar are adding HD Radio, a digital radio service pioneered by Columbia-based iBiquity Digital, as an option for luxury model vehicles, the automakers said at the New York Auto Show.

HD Radio offers higher quality audio through digital receivers. The two manufacturers are the second and third to adopt the technology -- BMW is already including it as an option in its entire 2007 line.

iBiquity launched HD Radio in 2004, and there are 1,200 stations nationwide that broadcast in the format. There are 11 in Maryland.

Radio stations that use HD broadcast both analog and digital signals, so all users can still listen. But HD Radio receivers can produce CD-quality audio because the receivers can sort through interference that occurs when signals bounce off objects, reducing static and fading, according to iBiquity.

Hyundai will include the technology option in its rear-wheel drive sports sedan scheduled for a 2008 release, according to a company release.

Jaguar will offer it in its 2008 luxury XJ sedan.

Baltimore Business Journal - 3:57 PM EDT Thursday, April 5, 2007
by Scott Dance

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