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2007 Hyundai Hope on Wheels Program

2007 Hyundai Hope on Wheels Program

We are excited and pleased to announce the continuation of the Hyundai Hope on Wheels program for 2007.

Hope on Wheels History
Hyundai dealers have been proud to help kids fight cancer by contributing to pediatric cancer research in the US since 1998. The program began with Boston-area Hyundai dealers who donated funds to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Jimmy Fund program. In 2001, the program was extended to include all Hyundai dealers nationwide. And in 2004, the name Hope on Wheels was adopted and the white iconic Hyundai Hope on Wheels vehicle with children's handprints rolled across America

Hope on Wheels demonstrates in communities all over the country what Hyundai dealers stand for: not just a great sales organization, but one that deeply cares about the communities in which they live. Since its inception, over $8 million has been donated by Hyundai dealers, resulting in more than 70 research studies. Doctors, research institutes and families all over the country tell thousands of children of children have benefited and lives have been saved as a result.

2007 Hope on Wheels Program
In 2007, a sub-committee of the National Dealer Council and Hyundai Executives have worked hard together to improve the program's core elements. The basic elements of the 2007 Hope on Wheels Program are:

  • 100% of dealer funds will be donated to Cancer Research;
  • HMA will cut administrative cost by more than 40% from last year;
  • HMA will donate 6 - 2007 Santa Fe's to serve as the Hope on Wheels vehicles;
  • Dealers contribute $4 per car out of the 1% advertising allowance;
  • Creation of a dealer council sub-committee governance board;
  • Over 30 research programs to be awarded donations in 2007;
  • Hope on Wheels integrated in consumer marketing, brochures and events;
  • Website, will be redesigned;
  • Localized support of Hope on Wheels ceremonies with more dealer participation;
  • Collateral materials for showrooms to promote the Hope on Wheels store; and
  • Inclusion of a national spoke's-kid to represent the program

You may know that pediatric cancer remains the leading cause of death among children under the age of 14 years old. The importance of the work begun by the Boston-area dealers in 1998 to fight pediatric cancer is still relevant today, and indeed our ability to address this dreaded disease improves every day. Hyundai dealers can be proud that we are making a difference.

Hyundai Motor America Executive Leadership Team

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