Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?”

Some teachers in Amherst, MA want the community to grow more food. Brian Donahue, an environmental history professor at Brandeis is speaking on March 30 at 7 P.M. in Town Hall about growing more food. Donahue’s speech is called, “Growing More Food in Amherst: Public Responsibilities and Opportunities” (

John Gerber, a professor at the University of Massachusetts is also leading a campaign to help residents from Amherst take part in growing more food. Gerber is trying to make it easier for people to get a raise chickens. Gerber’s goal is to get ordinary people in Amherst to raise chickens as a way to help contribute to the producing as food as well as having people become more self-sufficient.

Gerber also mentions that there is around 100 acres that could be used for farming, instead of growing hay to feed animals (which is how the land is currently being used).

Gerber says that people can do more in terms of growing more food. Such ways to do this are by raising chickens and other farm animals, supporting local farmers and markets and having people have their own gardens and growing vegetables from there.

Gerber says that, “we need a lot more people involved if we’re going to make the kind of changes [to grow more food]” (
index.ssf/2011/03/amherst_officials_want_residen.html).  Gary Rome Auto Group hopes that Donahue’s speech and Gerber’s advocacy will be successful. Thanks to modern technology and know- how, there are ways to combat food shortages. The staff at Gary Rome Auto Group hopes that increasing the amount of food and decreasing starvation will be successful and lead to even more ways to combat food shortages in the near future.

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