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Report: All-wheel-drive for Hyundai Genesis, Equus years away

May 16, 2011  
By Fred Meier, USA TODAY
Updated 2011-05-16 3:15 PM
By STAN HONDA, AFP/Getty Images
If you've been hot for a Hyundai Genesis, but holding off until the big rear driver is offered with the much-discussed all-wheel-drive option, looks like you might want to rethink the whole thing.
According to information ferreted out by Car and Driver in this report, the Genesis won't get AWD with the expected refresh for 2012. The report says AWD may wait until the next generation of the luxury sedan -- not due till 2014. That likely means the Genesis coupe and the upmarket and larger Equus also with go without for a few years, too.
Whether your interest is in performance or bad-weather traction, AWD would be worthy option for these cars:
And Hyundai CEO John Krafcik has been saying the Genesis and Equus would get AWD down the road -- we just didn't think he meant that far.
Hyundai will not offer all-wheel drive for its Genesis luxury sedan until the second generation of the car arrives for the 2014 model year. Krafcik indicated to C&D earlier that the Genesis line and Equus, would offer all-wheel drive. Since it was not included in the 2012 refresh for the Genesis sedan, it appears they'll all wait for their next-generation platform.
The Genesis sedan has been a winner for Hyundai in a higher market than the brand's previously been in, with solid sales and a lot of buyers new to a Hyundai showroom. AWD should make help gain sales in the snowbelt, though it will face in-house competition from a redone Azera -- we expect in the sexy, swoopy new Hyundai look -- due next winter. Krafcik has told Drive On that the front-drive Azera continues to attract a loyal buyer following, particularly in snowy markets.
Although they didn't announce AWD for the refreshed 2012 Genesis, Hyundai did reveal some interesting upgrades, including direct injection for the V-6 that increases horsepower to 333, a revised suspension set-up for the mainstream models, refreshed styling tweaks, and an 8-speed transmission for all models, including the new performance R-Spec sedan (there already is an R-Spec coupe). The highlight of the R-Spec sedan is its own new 5.0-liter, 429-hp. V-8. It also gets performance-tuned transmission and suspension and steering calibrations.
Source: USA Today

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