Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to Save on Gas

Being frugal at the gas pump is something that many people give little thought to. Interestingly, it is one of the most powerful places to have an effect on your budget. Saving money at the gas pump can have a huge impact. Even more importantly, the changes that can save you money are easy and take little to no time at all to implement.

Here are several things you can do right now to save cold, hard cash at the pump:

1. Fill Up Middle of the Week

It is a well known fact that gas prices are at their highest on the weekends. This is common sense really…when do most people have time to go get gas? When do families head out for trips and gas up the family car? Rather than paying top dollar on the weekend for convenience, stop on a Wednesday instead and enjoy the savings.

2. Never Ride on Empty

Many people think this is an old wive’s tale but it is based in fact. Running a car on less gas than is optimal means the car has to work harder. This means that the car is not efficiently using the gasoline and pulling more than is needed to operate the car. (There is also that added inconvenience of potentially running out of gas) Rather than doing this to your car, fill up when you hit the half empty line. This will keep your car running optimally and your gas prices down.

3. Stick to Regular Fuel Unless You Own a High Performance Sports Car

Buying a high grade of gasoline is going to do very little for your family sedan. The old station wagon is not going to perform better or last longer by using high grade premium gasoline. What you will accomplish is paying way too much for your gas each week. This costs people a ton of money every single week and the truth is…it is money down the drain.

4. Do Trip Combos

This means sitting down and planning out your day beforehand. Each evening, sit down and figure out where you need to go and what you need the car for. Consider where everything is and how you can combine trips. Nothing stinks worse than to pass right by someplace and then get home and realize you needed to stop there. Plan ahead and work out trip combos to use less gas and save money.

5. Use an Online Gas Finder

These little websites are awesome! Simply put in your address and it will spit out the lowest prices and where they are located. There are also phone apps that can do the same thing if you are on the go. Find one you trust and that consistently gives you the right information and stick with it.

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