Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hyundai Brings Cars into the Living Room with Mobility Vision Concept

Hyundai Brings Cars into the Living Room with Mobility Vision Concept
Hyundai showed that it is possible to bring cars into your living room with its Mobility Vision Concept at the CES Show in Las Vegas.
The Mobility Vision concept imagines a future in which an autonomous car can be parked right next to the living room and becomes just another piece of furniture. The driver’s seat is mounted on an arm that can easily pivot and extend into the living room where it can serve as a replacement for a chair or a sofa. When the motorist needs to leave the house, it can pivot right back into the car to resume its role as a car seat. Instead of conventional side-hinged doors, the vehicle would have a single, large door that swings upwards and give unobstructed access to the passenger compartment.
In addition to the seat, users would be also able to use other features of the car like its air conditioning unit and sound system instead of their home air conditioning system and home stereo respectively. The car is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that generates power and it can serve as a backup source of power if the power fails.
Hyundai does not expect Mobility Vision to reach the production stage anytime soon. However, the Korean car manufacturer is definitely investing a substantial amount of time and money into the development of convenient, high-tech features that improve the lives of motorists.
Hyundai Motor recognizes the significance of connected technologies and the extent to which they could benefit our customers’ daily lives,” affirmed Hak Su Ha, the director of Hyundai’s design center.

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