Friday, July 15, 2016

Hyundai predicts a 250 mile electric vehicle by year 2020

Hyundai’s Ioniq is doing so much in the field of EVs. The Ioniq has gotten immense popularity since it was released and is regarded as one of the best electric vehicles with high mileage. It goes as far as 110 miles in a single charge. Ioniq will be introduced for U.S later this year in the U.S version too. 

Hyundai has announced a new project to come in future as well. The company has predicted to produce a 250 mile EV to roam on the roads by the year 2020 as well. Hyundai is already working on the project.

This new car will make sure that customers get to travel more in a single charge. Of course it will mean more powerful batteries and increased number of batteries too. One can expect a car with loads of space for the batteries. 

The Ioniq will be made in plug in and hybrid both modes. The sister companies of Hyundai which are Kia and Genesis are already working on the models of new EVs too.

They are trying to develop 200 miles range EVs for 2018. After that they are aiming for a 250 miles range car to introduce in the year 2020, according to AutoCar. Tesla motors is the prime name for EVs all around the world.

The Hyundai Executive however said that they don’t have any plans of taking over Tesla’s name for luxury EVs. They will make their own affordable EVs with large mileage which will have a different approach towards market as they don’t have any plans to take over Tesla’s market. 

The Ioniq EV was unveiled at the New York Auto Show this March. It is being sold in Korea in both Hybrid and Plug in version since January.  

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