Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hyundai Hacks Instagram to Create Social Media Buzz

Most automotive campaigns have a presence on social media. Many use digital channels to conduct promotional campaigns. Hyundai used hacking to conduct a social media campaign that was truly eye-catching and created tremendous impact.

We all love quizzes on social media, though we may not always like to admit it. Hyundai used this penchant of social media users to take quizzes to its advantage to conduct a highly effective promotional campaign on Instagram. Hyundai commissioned Innocean USA to hack into Instagram and conduct a quiz in which Instagram users were asked a series of questions based on their lifestyle. Starting at the Instagram handle, Hyundai quiz start, using the “tag” feature they were taken through 18 separate Instagram accounts having as many as 400 images while they answered queries regarding their favorite pastime during the weekend and their favorite time of the day.
When they came to the end of the quiz, they would scroll horizontally to find an answer that matched them with the Hyundai SUV that best matched their needs based on their answers to the lifestyle questions. Depending on their preferences, they would see that their lifestyle matched with a Santa Fe, a Santa Fe Sport or a Tucson. Hyundai also ran a similar campaign on Twitter aimed at those who are not on Instagram.

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