Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hyundai to launch 'Click To Buy' internet carbuying scheme

Hyundai will launch a new internet car shopping scheme in 2017 called Click To Buy, which will allow customers to purchase a brand new car completely over Hyundai’s website.
It means no weekend trips to the showroom and no endless haggling – you’ll be able to buy a brand new, personalized car straight from the internet.
Streamlining the buying process down to a few clicks means the long drawn-out process of buying a brand new car can be done in just five minutes, or so claims the manufacturer.
Hyundai pledges that those who use the new scheme won’t be short changed either – all prices will be fixed, but it’s promised that they’ll be competitive and comparable with those you'd get by visiting a dealer.

After you've bought it, your new car can be delivered to your local dealer for collection or sent straight to your home for a fee, meaning it’s possible to complete the entire transaction without having to step onto the forecourt. This is only for cash buyers though – buying through a finance package will require a trip to the dealership.  
If you’d like to buy through part-exchange, Click To Buy will give you a quote for your old car. Buying on finance means you’ll have to pop into a dealership to hand your old car over, but buy outright with cash and your old car will be collected straight from your home.
The Hyundai Click To Buy website will launch on 6 January 2017, and will feature the i10, i20, i30, Tucson and Santa Fe. More models will be added throughout 2017.
The scheme follows on from Hyundai’s unconventional Rockar dealerships. These small UK showrooms are located in shopping centres and are kitted out with touchscreen tablets – not cars and crowds of salespeople - to make the process of buying a new car a fully digital experience.

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