Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hyundai Veloster Proves Popular

The root of its name means "speed," so perhaps it should be no surprise that the Veloster is off to a fast start, selling nearly a thousand units in its first days on sale, reported Hyundai Motor America president John Krafcik.

The sporty little car with the unconventional two-doors-on-one-side-and-one-door-on-the-other configuration is capturing consumers' attention as demonstrated by red-hot sales. And the much-watched benchmark of average age for the car has come in years, in some cases decades, lower than some key competitors, he said.

The car is available in a more conventional four-door configuration in other markets, and there was some skepticism that Americans would embrace the Veloster's odd layout. But it now appears that availability of the car will be limited as production is overwhelmed by huge demand.

The car is reaching its intended demographic, too. Hyundai marketers employed the language of endurance sports like marathon and triathlon, sports that are exploding in popularity, in the naming of the Veloster's color palette. Those colors are Century White, Ironman silver, Triathlon gray, Ultra black, Marathon blue, Electrolyte green, 26.2 yellow, Vitamin C and Boston red.

The endurance community has taken notice, according to Krafcik, with favorable comments and tweets from top competitors.

Hyundai dealers, meanwhile, can add to their list of good problems to have, as they add another model to their roster that can't meet customers' demand. The dealers are expressing immense frustration to the company about the shortage of cars, but their sales are at all-time records, Krafcik pointed out.

For consumers who want one of these red-hot coupes, better to get your name on a list as soon as possible. Next up is the all-new Azera, which will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Krafcik promises its styling will be as dynamic as that of the company's other popular models.

And when things cool down for the Veloster, as sales inevitably do for fashion-driven coupes? Then the company will consider a sporty variant to refocus attention on the Veloster, Krafcik said. "We've been looking at three or four possibilities," he acknowledged with a grin.

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