Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hyundai Executive Sheds Light on Next Fuel Cell Vehicle

Hyundai says it will launch its next fuel cell vehicle in 2018, and that it will be another hydrogen-powered sport utility vehicle.

While previously offering a broad picture of its next fuel cell vehicle, Hyundai Vice Chairman Yang Woong-chul said on Wednesday that the Korean automaker will roll out its next-generation fuel cell vehicle in early 2018. The company’s goal is to better compete with Japanese rivals and meet tougher emissions rules, he said.

Like the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, the next fuel cell vehicle is expected to be a sport utility vehicle. That will be in contrast to the hydrogen-powered fuel cell sedans sold by Toyota and Honda, a South Korean newspaper reported.

The Toyota Fuel Cell compact SUV, the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle, was launched in 2013. Sales have been less than Hyundai due in part to lack of hydrogen refueling stations and a high price tag.

The new fuel cell SUV is expected to nearly double the driving range of the Tucson Fuel Cell. The new fuel cell vehicle will be able to travel about 497 miles per fueling, the Electronic Times reported in January.

Hyundai declined to comment on details of the new fuel cell vehicle when contacted by Reuters.

Hyundai also plans to launch its first battery-powered car before the end of this year. The Hyundai Ioniq, which will be available as a hybrid, all-electric, or plug-in hybrid, will be available later this year.


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