Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hyundai's Upcoming Equus Luxury Sedan to Include Self-Driving Features

Hyundai Motor is all geared up to roll out the new Equus that will be semi-autonomous and offer you a hi-tech ride. The new luxury sedan will incorporate self-driving features that will allow it to stay in lane, slow down and speed up as required to avoid collisions.

Apart from the highway driving assistance, the South Korean car maker has also announced traffic jam assistance functionality that is more suitable for cities.

During a media briefing, president and CEO of Hyundai Kim Choong-ho stated that it was time for Hyundai to take a leap in quality and to lead in the global race for environment-efficient and high-tech cars, IT World notes in a report.
Hyundai's upcoming Equus luxury sedan to include self-driving features

The new Hyundai Equus will have highway driving assistance along with self-driving features more suitable for driving in the cities.

Although there is no word on which models would have the self-driving features or what the price of the new Equus would be, the officials did point to a price range similar to that of the current models from $61,500 to $68,700.

Despite the extremely debatable issue of having driveless cars on the roads, tech giants like Google and Apple are still stepping into the auto field with the driverless car technology, catching the original car makers off grid who now realise the need of adopting to newer technologies.

Kim notes that it may take 7 to 10 years for self-driving cars to be adopted by the masses in a legal fashion, but Hyundai's ultimate goal is to commercialize completely autonomous vehicles and to achieve that, it will further improvise on its car sensors and communication technologies for further models. The company has already announced that it will invest $1.8 billion in driverless technologies by 2018.

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