Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2015 Hyundai Accent Reaches New Milestone!

The latest Hyundai Accent has been named as South Korea’s most popular export model ever. The vehicle achieved this record after a study revealed that the Accent covered 9.1% of the 1.2 million cars exported from January to May this year.

To be more precise, a total of 109,558 Hyundai Accent from the 2015 model were exported in the first half of this year. In second place, there is the Hyundai Avante which brags a total of 103,257 units exported and in third place is the Kia Pride.
When it comes to sales, the latest Accent is not a stranger to success. A total of 260,386 copies of the Accent were sold in overseas last year and this number is expected to grow this year.
Well, this cannot be helped as the Hyundai Accent ticks every box for being a great compact sedan that is many can easily afford to own. The range-topping GLS trim, completed with all the packages have its price capped at $18,080 only.
We won’t call the Accent cheap as that is a term that best describes most Japanese cars today. Instead, we find the Accent shockingly inexpensive.
The latest Accent drives on a 1.6L 4-cylinder engine that develops a 137hp and 123ft-lbs of torque. For a compact sedan, this is a pretty decent output and it very ideal for city dwellers.
The handling is also pretty much straightforward as the Accent offers a no-nonsense driving experience. Hence, it makes the Accent a great workhorse for hardcore drivers.
Even the interior is well done. For its price, consumers will get to enjoy a six-speaker audio system with satellite radio and Bluetooth, and classy-looking piano black accents which prevents the interior from looking dull. Other features include 16” alloy wheels, fog lights and projector headlamps.
Of course, the biggest selling point for the Accent is its practicality. The Accent is not really big in size since it is from the compact sedan family but looks can be deceiving.
Inside the vehicle, there are plenty of room for 5 human beings and the size can even rival that of a mid-sized sedan. This is except for the hip and shoulder room which does feel a little small when all three adults have occupied the rear seats.
Even the boot space is spacious too. If that is not enough, owners of the Accent can pull down the rear seat to free up more space for cargo purposes.
All in all, the latest Hyundai Accent is an irresistible treat and this is mostly owed to its inexpensive price tag. It also makes the latest Accent more deserving of being crowned as South Korea’s most exported car right now.

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