Friday, January 22, 2016

2017 Hyundai Santa Cruz CUV: In Time For The Honda Ridgeline

It looks like Hyundai has virtually given the green light for the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept to take on production, though an official announcement is not yet made. This has been a long time coming, as the automaker has given encouraging signs before this when work was done its engineering feasibility.

Hyundai doesn’t have pickup trucks, so the Santa Cruz crossover would be the first and it would most likely be targeted at the Honda Ridgeline.

The profile of the pickup crossover sort of resembles that of the previous Ridgeline except this crossover would be on the smaller side. However, we should also see a lot of the deep body sculpting toned down for the production model.

This compact pickup is not intended for heavy-duty use, but would be ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting and camping. A regard in which it would excel against the Ridgeline is if it is priced more competitively.

Very much like the Ridgeline the Santa Cruz crossover is aimed at young drivers that are looking for some storage capabilities of a pickup truck, making bed space an important aspect. The likeliness of the Santa Cruz pickup arriving with more than one bed option is rather slim though, considering the fact that trucks are not part of Hyundai’s portfolio.


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