Monday, January 25, 2016

Hyundai patents folding city car

We have discovered Hyundai has made a patent filling with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a foldable city car.

It seems Hyundai’s R&D department is working at full throttle as aside from launching alternatively-powered models like the IONIQ, the company is also engineering a foldable city car.

The attached sketches come from a patent that was published on January 14 and describes a foldable vehicle featuring a front floor coupled with the front wheels, along with a rear floor linked to the rear wheels. This hardware arrangement enables an increase or decrease of the wheelbase by sliding the floors over and under each other.

According to the same patent, there is a windshield part hinged to the front floor in order to turn forward/backward. Moreover, a rear cabin part is hinged to the floor and this one too turns forward/backward. When the windshield and rear cabin parts are folded inward, the roof part may be stowed inside the car.

This may sound a little bit too complicated, but the attached sketches do paint a more accurate picture of how Hyundai’s folding mechanism works. While a car that folds is not what you would call exciting, it can be an optimal solution in crowded cities where finding an empty parking space is a very tricky matter. It's certainly better than driving a bicycle.


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